Benefits Technology

The employee benefits industry requires cutting-edge tools to connect employees with information at any time. At Novo Benefits, we provide the best tools to enhance the employees’ experience with their benefits.

We have a diverse offering of technology support tools including, but not limited to; online benefits enrollment, HRIS (standalone or integrated), decision support technology, time and attendance software, and mental health and substance abuse digital modules.

We can help with everything from creating benefits content for portals (plan information, mobile apps, videos, calculators, etc.) to providing decision support tools for employers who want online benefits platforms. Our team of experts can also assist with analyzing systems for usability and platform efficiency, communicating with insurance companies and vendors to create data interfaces, testing benefits systems for accuracy (rates, plan information, etc.), and implementation support.


Technology at your fingertips

Novo Benefits can provide access to the best technology and applications to enhance your benefit experience.

Imagine having access to a doctor who is available 24/7, anytime you need help, without the hassle of an emergency care visit or a waiting room. With Novo Benefits, members can connect in minutes with board-certified doctors and therapists over live video from the comfort of their home or office. Just like an in-person visit, a doctor can evaluate a member’s history and symptoms, perform an exam, and recommend treatment - including prescriptions and lab work - without anyone having to leave their bed.

Novo Benefits also has advanced technology for members to quickly compare costs of prescription medication through local pharmacies. Through our innovative health care apps, you can simply search, choose, and redeem the best prices for your medication - and never overpay on prescriptions again.

Let Novo Benefits  lead you into the future of healthcare.

Expert guidance wherever you go

Care coordination is fast becoming an essential component to many healthcare plans. Through our care coordinator app, personal care guides help members navigate the healthcare maze by cutting through the complexity that causes confusion and drives up costs.

These highly trained professionals resolve issues and help employees make better use of their benefits, limiting unnecessary medical events and associated costs along the way. Care coordination is about rethinking the member experience and meeting members when and where they need help, making healthcare more efficient. By providing dedicated, trained care coordinators, members experience a white-glove approach to all of their healthcare needs.